Thursday, September 21, 2006

Comments about the Men Series

Dear Cory Jaeger-Kenat,

I am glad that you were pleased with my writeup. I always worry about that
when I don't know someone. I feel your work highlights a lot of the issues that
face women. Many issues they are afraid to address. (Like being embarrased
by a womans naked back :) What better way to get the ball rolling than a
beautiful work of art.

I do not like shock art. I can not stand to look at a picture and have the
painters ideas shouted at me. I like to look and form my own ideas - have
the chance to change them as I wish. Thats why I linked to you and Bill
Harris. You both do an excellent job of that.

You can feel free to include my blog in your newsletter. I am honored that
you are considering it. If you will, add my e-mail to the list for your
newsletter. I think I'd like to hear what up and it'll be a good reminder
to go back and look at your site more often. I really do enjoy your work.

I hope your move goes well. Funny how things work out!

Best Wishes,

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