Thursday, September 21, 2006

Comments about the Men Series

Dear Cory Jaeger-Kenat,

I am glad that you were pleased with my writeup. I always worry about that
when I don't know someone. I feel your work highlights a lot of the issues that
face women. Many issues they are afraid to address. (Like being embarrased
by a womans naked back :) What better way to get the ball rolling than a
beautiful work of art.

I do not like shock art. I can not stand to look at a picture and have the
painters ideas shouted at me. I like to look and form my own ideas - have
the chance to change them as I wish. Thats why I linked to you and Bill
Harris. You both do an excellent job of that.

You can feel free to include my blog in your newsletter. I am honored that
you are considering it. If you will, add my e-mail to the list for your
newsletter. I think I'd like to hear what up and it'll be a good reminder
to go back and look at your site more often. I really do enjoy your work.

I hope your move goes well. Funny how things work out!

Best Wishes,

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Star Courier, Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania

Painting dedicated to memory of fire victim
by Kasey Miller
of Mainline Newspapers

Tuesday, Sept. 19 was a bittersweet day for the Depto family. It was the day their daughter, Lindsey would have celebrated her 16th birthday. It was also the day that a painting, that will be hung at the chapel inside of Miners Medical Center, was dedicated in her memory.

Depto was 14 years old when she lost her life while attending a sleepover at a Hastings home that caught fire claiming her life and the lives of several others.

In memory of the young girl, artist Cory Jaeger-Kenat presented a painting depicting a library to Debbie and Ron Depto, Lindsey's parents. She said the piece was originally to be placed in the second annual Lindsey Depto Scholarship Fund Silent Auction.

"We contacted Cory to see if she would donate one of her artworks to the auction, but it was just too beautiful to be included," said Mrs. Depto.

She went on to say that the painting is fitting as her daughter loved to read and that the hospital chapel was the perfect place to display the work.

"All of the victims of the fire came here first," Depto said. "A lot of the people in the ER were really affected by what happened that night and this way, they and the community will be able to see it."

Jaeger-Kenat, a second cousin to the Depto family, said the painting will help others remember Lindsey.

"A library is where kids learn and dream and that's fitting," she said. "Art is something that goes on long after we're gone."

The Deptos extended a thank you to all who attended the dedication and also to family member Tom Solnosky who had a part in completing the intricate wooden frame that surrounds the work.

They spoke these words to the artist, "We thank Cory so much for the beautiful painting, for the beautiful gift for Lindsey's birthday."